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Jingjing Shi

Jingjing Shi, associate chief physician

He is good at the diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension and arhythmia, especially in the area of coronary intervention (stent implantation) and cardiac pacemaker implantation.

[1] SHI Jingjing,LI Baihong,WANG Xiaoyan,et al. Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in rat heart with hyperthoidism heart disease and intervention effect of valsartan on it. Jiangsu Medical Journal. 2013,39(9): P1025-7(chinese)
Link: http://en.cnki.com.cn/Article_en/CJFDTotal-YIYA201309011.htm
[2] Shi Jing-jing, Zhu Dong-xiao, Jin Wei-dong, Wang Xiao-yan, Zhuang Rui-juan, Li Bai-hong, Miao Zong-ning. In vitro differentiation of human amniotic mesenchymal stem cells into vascular endothelial cells. Journal of Clinical Rehabilitative Tissue Engineering Research. 2011, 15(36): P6785-8(chinese)

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